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Information about the festival

The Isarflux music festival is organised by the Gasteig’s trainees and attracts a sizeable young audience. Each year since 2009, the trainees of the Gasteig have been planning the Isarflux festival themselves from start to finish.

Isarflux 2024

For 2024, our trainees have come up with something new: This year, there will also be a programme item before the concerts. Before Hallway and the Whiskey Foundation perform in Hall E, a culture fair on the subject of “Subculture in Munich – Youth in Munich” will take place at 4 PM in Hall X In cooperation with the nonprofit Signal e. V. By providing information on the issue of vacant properties, the creation of new open spaces, and Munich’s subculture, the organisers want to create a platform for helping young people share their wishes and needs. The key question in this is how to improve the quality of life for people living in Munich. Activities such as screen printing, a clothes swap and music add variety, and there will, of course, also be food and drink available. From 11 PM, there will be a “Special b2b Closing” with the DJs FFZG and MXML_VWRRT.

“An awesome party, every time.”

Preparations for the event, which takes place on Easter Sunday, begin as early as October of the previous year. In regular meetings, the trainees and their two trainers meet regularly to discuss and organise the festival. There are, after all, many decisions to make, such as:


Which bands should we invite? Do we want video installations or an exhibition? What should the sound, lighting and stage set-up look like? Once these decisions are made, the trainees draw up contracts and send them to the artists or their booking agencies. They book hotels and order the catering for the evening. And they use Instagram and other social media to reach as many potential visitors as possible.


“I think it’s cool that for Isarflux you don’t just work in your own job, but also get an insight into the other trainees’ work,” says an apprentice stage technician. And the trainees do learn a lot from each other, as everyone – from future industrial and office staff to electronics engineers for building services – is involved in the Isarflux. “It feels daunting every year,” the organisers agree. “But on the day, it’s always an amazing party!”

A group of young men at a mixing desk in Hall E.
Copyright: Gasteig

Isarflux 2023

From booking the bands to the lighting: every year, everything at the Isarflux music festival is organised by the Gasteig trainees themselves. In 2023, the team has thought up a programme full of contrasts: from experimental punk in Hall X to explorations between pop and spherical electro in Hall E, and a premiere in stage design: The trainees are doing nothing less than set up the largest stage that the listed Hall E has ever seen.


On Easter Sunday, 9 April 2023, Hall E was filled by the sounds of Florian Paul & die Kapelle der letzten Hoffnung, their name, “the band/chapel (the German word has both meanings) of last hope” as melancholic as their danceable music, and the spherical sounds of Fallwander. Fans of post-punk had their cravings satisfied by Prohibition Prohibition, who rocked Hall X. Coming all the way from London just for Isarflux, the British formation Kyoto Kyoto proved that Krautrock, far from dead, is alive and kicking.

A red-lit stage with a club atmosphere. Three musicians with guitars and drums.
A blue-lit stage with one musician and two female musicians on electric guitar, cello and flute.
Club atmosphere with audience from the side, on stage you see a band.
A dark hall with audience shot from behind, view of the stage with blue light show and fog.
View from the stage into the audience, the singer stands at the very front and stretches his arm up in the air.
Audience looking at the stage from a gallery, the singer just jumping into the air.
View from above in Hall E of the stage, which is lit up in red and blue. Singer Florian Paul stands there with his arms outstretched.
View from above through the illuminated Hall E from the front side, you can see the stage and two banners with the Flower Power Festival logo.
Two musicians on stage with lots of electronics and a piano.

Isarflux 2022


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The Isarflux 2022 “aftermovie”

On 17 April 2022, the first Isarflux Easter Party took place at Gasteig HP8 in Sendling. With Rosa Blut, Kannheiser, lilly among clouds and Ströme, four promising young bands pulled out all the stops in Hall X and in the impressively lit Hall E.

Two young women in the audience enthusiastically join in.
On the left a man with a guitar on a stage, illuminated by a spotlight, on the right the audience in the backlight.
A red lit stage, on it a young woman with a microphone and to the left a young man with an electric guitar
Hall E is lit up in green and purple, the spotlights are pointed at the stage where the band is playing.
Audience from behind, the view goes to the stage, where Rosa Blut are rocking out.
Man sieht schemenhaft Publikum, darüber eine Diskokugel, die rot angestrahlt wird.
Atmospheric Hall E, view of the stage with band.
A mixer with a lot of colorful cables around it
Dancing crowds by party lights in hall E
View from a stage with band and colorful lighting into the audience
Young people as audience at a concert, a man in a wheelchair in the front row