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Two musicians with mics, several instruments: Accordion, trumpet, tuba. One musician wears a hat and pink sunglasses.
Copyright: Andreas Gebert/Gasteig

Information about the festival

A festival for contemporary folk: At the Alpenrausch festival, artists from throughout the Alps present the diversity of contemporary folk music – traditional music meets jazz, pop and classical. The line-up at this one-day festival covers everything from archaic to classical to experimental.

Contrasting and connecting the old with the new, the genre embodies an exciting, innovative mix that dovetails perfectly with the philosophy of the new Gasteig HP8. There’s also plenty of audience participation, with hands-on workshops and sporting activities. And the best thing: admission is absolutely free!

All about the Alps

The festival programme is put together by singer and composer Stefanie Boltz, who has already curated a number of similar events. Born and bred in the Alps to a family that has lived there for generations, the region’s culture is close to her heart. With Alpenrausch, she aims to showcase the wide range of contemporary Alpine music.


Each act Boltz has chosen is in some way associate with the Alps, be it the performers themselves, their instruments or the inspiration underlying the music. “With this festival, we’re taking the mountains to the masses. We want everyone to experience the diversity of music from the Alps.”


As soon as there is up-to-date information about the next Alpenrausch Festival, we will inform you on this page.

Stefanie Boltz  at the photo shoot for the Alpenrausch Festival in Hall E at the Gasteig HP8
Copyright: Robert Haas/Gasteig

Alpenrausch 2023

At the 2023 Alpenrausch Festival, archaic sounds mixed and mingled with multimedia on no fewer than five stages, where yodelling met percussion and an alphorn played techno beats. Plus there were hands-on workshops to take part in as well as films to whet your appetite for the nature and culture of the Alps. You could even try your hand at climbing on our very own festival climbing wall.


Among the highlights of the Alpenrausch Festival 2023 was the Austrian duo Attwenger. Since the beginning of the 90s, Markus Binder and Hans-Peter Falkner have purposely fuse elements of Austrian folk with punk, hip-hop, blues, rock’n’roll and electro. Audacious, socially critical, sung in impenetrable dialect and somewhere between cool and irritating, they rock the world far beyond Austria with their drums and button accordion. Their goal: to purvey hardcore socio-political content by the medium of groove.


Other highlights included the Federspiel brass ensemble, who expertly blend brass music with sound experiment. And the duo Albin Brun & Kristina Brunner brought traditional Swiss folk with a modern touch to Munich with “Schwyzerörgeli” button accordion, soprano saxophone and cello.


Alpenrausch Festival 2023 was an event of Gasteig München GmbH with the kind support of the University of Music and Performing Arts Munich, the Munich City Library, the Deutscher Alpenverein München & Oberland, and Motel One.

The concerts by Albin Brun & Kristina Brunner and by Eiger Mönch & UrSchwyz were events of the Gasteig Cultural Foundation, with the kind support of Pro Helvetia, Swiss Arts Council.

Alpenrausch 2022: The festival premiere

Two days with fifteen concerts on six stages as well as workshops and films: At the first Alpenrausch, on 29 and 30 July 2022, the entire Gasteig HP8 was whipped into an alpine frenzy – at free admission. Over two days, the audience marvelled at traditional pastoral song, street music, alphorns and Alpine multi-instrumentalists. Spontaneous sessions popped up on small stages all over the Gasteig HP8 and music-themed walks took visitors all the ways to the nearby Isar river. Besides the music, there were film screenings, yodelling workshops and Doctor Döblinger’s cult puppet show. While BANDALOOP gave a vertical dance performance on the façades of the Gasteig HP8, visitors were invited to scale the heights themselves on a climbing tower.

Two musicians make music in front of the Halle E
A woman walks vertically on a brick wall, secured by a rope.
A child at the top of the climbing wall, in the background you can see the towers of a power plant
Three little girls are sitting in the gravel with their backs to us, in the background you can see more people on beer benches.
Begeistertes Publikum beim Alpenrausch-Festival vor dem Gasteig HP8 in Sendling
Der Go Sing Choir beim Auftritt in der Halle E im Gasteig HP8.
A woman from behind, you can only see her legs. She holds two bicycle helmets, in one of them is the flyer for the Alpenrausch Festival.
A square with a view of the cogeneration plant, in the foreground 4 people are sitting in deck chairs, behind them you can see a climbing wall and groups of people
Two friendly Gasteig employees in an information tent talk to guests.
The musician Manu Delago on stage with a percussion instrument. In the background you can see the motif of the Alpenrausch Festival projected on a screen.
House facade photographed from bottom to top, blue sky above. Two dancers float through the air on ropes.
A man plays double bass, a woman accordion
Alphornfreunde Mittlerer Schwarzwald blow their alphorns near Gasteig HP8
Oansno played until midnight in the open air in front of Hall E.