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Flower Power Festival a Blooming Success

The organisers of the Flower Power Festival stand among a colourful work of art made of fantasy flowers.
From left to right: Prof. Dr. Gudrun Kandereit (Munich Botanical Gardens), Dr. Roger Diederen (Kunsthalle München), Max Wagner (Gasteig), Dr. Michael John Gorman (BIOTOPIA Lab) and Anna Kleeblatt (Festival Management) Copyright: Petra Pintscher

“With our festival, we aimed to demonstrate the Gasteig’s diversity. And we clearly succeeded. The topic of flower power served as a basis for music, dance, talks and painting as well as gardening and exchanging plants ...”

Gasteig Managing Director Max Wagner

Into the autumn

With more than 1000 events throughout Munich and attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors, the Flower Power Festival is already proving a success. At a press conference six months into the festival, the initiators were clearly pleased with developments.


Festival director Anna Kleeblatt explains: “We are currently counting an incredible 135 permanent events, including many exhibitions. With 1055 additional individual events organised by our 137 partners and 147 collaborators, we’re a long way past our target of 500 events. And the Flower Power Festival is not over yet – Munich will continue to blossom and bloom right into the autumn, including at its festival centre at the Gasteig HP8.



In August and September there will be bloom and blossom galore at the Gasteig HP8

The initiators of the festival stand smiling contentedly among colourful works of art.
The happy initiators Copyright: Melanie Brandl