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The interior of the bright Hall E, you can see in the background people sitting at the bar and on steps. In the foreground glows pink the logo of the Flower Power Festival: a stylized flower forming a P.

Flower Power Festival 2023 – Munich in a Floral Frenzy

Copyright: Benedikt Feiten/Gasteig

Information about the festival

The festival’s extensive, varied programme includes exhibitions, theatre performances, concerts, readings, discussions, conferences, happenings, guided tours city walks, and workshops.

As the festival’s home base, the Gasteig HP8 will burst into bloom from 3 February: the Munich video collective We Are Video will present Florescent, a hands-on art installation specially designed for the festival, in Hall E. Using body movements, visitors can change the AI-generated floral motifs on an interactive LED wall. Florescent will run for the entire duration of the festival at Gasteig HP8.


To check out the Flower Power Festival website with the complete programme please click here.