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Gasteig München GmbHCulture for Munich

Munich’s Premier Arts Centre

Led by Managing Director Max Wagner, Gasteig München GmbH is responsible for operating all Gasteig locations. As a subsidiary and municipal service company of the City of Munich, it fulfils important management functions; as the main tenant, it is responsible for managing all the facilities and events.


The facility management department

Gasteig München GmbH is responsible for the rental of all of the Gasteig’s buildings, which were designed primarily to house the Gasteig’s various resident institutes. The responsibilities of Gasteig München GmbH include facility management, building and property management, and building maintenance.



“As the Gasteig’s operating company, we are the landlord and caretakers of the Gasteig and are tasked with playing host and creating the right ambience. Our task is to provide a platform for art and culture and to make this as accessible as possible to everyone.”

Max Wagner, Managing Director of Gasteig München GmbH

The event management department

Gasteig München GmbH is responsible for renting out the halls and spaces in the Gasteig and for the performances that take place there. It has creative freedom to develop strategies for their long-term use, as well as to host its own events and co-productions. In short, it is responsible for ensuring that the capacity and resources of the Gasteig are used to best effect.

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Although most events taking place at the Gasteig are external productions, there are some programme highlights throughout the year that we put on ourselves. Our aim is to open our doors wide and invite people of all ages and backgrounds to visit the Gasteig and enjoy what we have in store. Our wide range of events offer a great deal of fun and entertainment and are usually free to attend.

The Gasteig presents: major events for all

Management and supervisory board

The Managing Director of Gasteig München GmbH is Max Wagner, and the chair of the supervisory board is Katrin Habenschaden, deputy mayor of the City of Munich.

A photo wall with the words Willkommen im Gasteig HP8 and various logos, in front of it Max Wagner and Katrin Habenschaden, radiant in evening dress.
Katrin Habenschaden and Max Wagner at the opening of the Gasteig HP8 in October 2021. Copyright: Robert Haas/Gasteig

The vice-chair of the supervisory board is Anton Biebl from the Department of Arts and Culture of the City of Munich.


The other members of the supervisory board are:

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