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Colourfully illuminated hall at night, view of people in a square and a light installation.

Die Lange Nacht der Musik (The Long Night of Music) at the Gasteig HP8

Copyright: Andreas Gebert/Gasteig

Information about the festival

Situated between power station and Flaucher, the Gasteig HP8 is the most southerly location of Munich’s Long Night of Music. There is live music of various genres on several stages as well as, weather permitting, outdoors – the perfect opportunity to discover our buzzing arts centre and its surroundings. The Long Night of Music and the Gasteig have long been closely associated. And rightly so: we know all about music and our stages and spaces are ideal for large festivals.

Die Lange Nacht der Musik (The Long Night of Music) 2024 at HP8

This night at Gasteig HP8 was set to be long and varied! No less than 12 bands performed for you on four stages. Formations from Leipzig, Chemnitz and Munich rocked Hall E, while Hall X took you from Americana via singer-songwriter to disco pop. In the rehearsal hall and the Small Hall, students from Munich’s University of Music and Performing Arts strut their stuff. And again the pass the time was the Silent Disco on the Am Kulturkraftwerk plaza.


During the event at Gasteig HP8, a mobile service team of the Barrierefrei Feiern collective will be on site to provide assistance and information to visitors with disabilities.


With the kind support of Motel One and the Barrierefrei Feiern collective

Two people on an illuminated stage. One gesticulates, the other plays the keyboard.
Singers on stage, audience in front and on the balustrades of Hall E.
Concert hall with audience and band on stage. A huge illuminated star hangs above the stage.
A spectacularly lit stage, in the centre the singer sings in a red dress with heart-shaped sunglasses.
Celebrating concert audience in the purple light, hands raised to clap.
An illuminated stage, in the foreground a woman with raised hands.
Four men as a band on a stage, wearing long hair and beards.
An information stand in the sunlight with the Barrier-free Celebrations team in action.
Three young people play the hammered dulcimer on a colourfully lit stage.
Two dancers dance together at the Long Night of Music 2024 with many other people wearing glowing headphones on the grounds of Gasteig HP8.
A couple with headphones take a selfie on the outdoor area during the Long Night of Music 2024 and laugh into the camera.
A spectacularly lit stage, with the singer standing in the centre with her arm raised and her guitar.
A woman at an information stand laughs into the camera.
A blurred crowd of people in a square, you can mainly see the glowing headphones they are wearing. A hand sticks up in the centre.
Exterior shot, many people dancing in the dark with glowing headphones on their heads in front of Hall X at the Long Night of Music 2024.
Colourfully illuminated sign \"Gasteig HP8\" on brick façade.
Three band members with guitars, one sings into a microphone.
A small concert hall, view over the audience to the stage with singer and pianist.
A singer sings soulfully into a microphone.