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18th Balkan Days 2024

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Information about the festival

For many years now, the Munich Balkantage (Balkan Days) have provided an insight into the cultural diversity of South-Eastern Europe. With their exciting mix of films, exhibitions, literature, music, folklore and panel discussions, they are as varied as they are stimulating.

“The Balkans and the EU – A Toxic Relationship?”


Two romantic partners simply cannot let go of each other, even though their relationship has soured – has gone downright toxic. Though tongue-in-cheek, the analogy with a toxic relationship aims to illustrate the very much serious issue of relations between the EU and the Balkan countries. Here, too, we witness (emotional) manipulation, infidelity and sometimes – though far too seldom – genuine love.


At the Balkan Days 2024, the topic will be addressed in academic and cultural dialogue, for example at the symposium and the Literature Day. And also through dance, music and hospitality – such as at the Balkan bazaar. Because a healthy relationship needs dependable partners and a down-to-earth attitude as much as it needs joy and exuberance.

The Balkan Days are held by the charity Hilfe von Mensch zu Mensch with funding from the Department of Arts and Culture of the City of Munich. The patron of the Balkan Days is the Mayor of Munich, Dieter Reiter.


The festival takes place throughout Munich from 1 March to 6 July 2024. For for more information, visit


Things to look forward to:


11 to 14 March: Film Days in the Projektor

9. March: Literaturtag – Literature Day


(Details to follow)

The flags of various Balkan states are depicted on the petals of a flower.
Copyright: Balkantage 2024
Banner of the Balkan Days 2024
Copyright: Balkantage 2024