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Munich in a floral frenzy. A chat about the Flower Power Festival 2023

Next year, the whole of Munich will celebrate nature, culture and bloom. For eight months, from 3 February to 7 October 2023, the Flower Power Festival will decorates various locations across the city. The Gasteig HP8 will act as the festival centre. A chat with festival director Anna Kleeblatt

The festival initiators from left to right: Anna Kleeblatt, Festival Director; Max Wagner, Managing Director Gasteig München GmbH; Prof. Dr. Gudrun Kadereit, Director Botanic Garden Munich-Nymphenburg; Dr. Roger Diederen, Director Kunsthalle Munich; Dr. Nina Möllers, Director BIOTOPIA Lab and Events
The initiators from left to right: Anna Kleeblatt, Festival Director; Max Wagner, Managing Director of Gasteig München GmbH; Prof. Dr. Gudrun Kadereit, Director of the Botanical Gardens Munich-Nymphenburg; Dr. Roger Diederen, Director of Kunsthalle München; Dr. Nina Möllers, Director of BIOTOPIA Lab and Events Copyright: Robert Haas/Gasteig

Anna Kleeblatt, what’s the format for the festival in the city? What will be flowering where?

The starting point is the “Flowers Forever – Blumen in Kunst und Kultur” (Flowers in Art and Culture) exhibition, which takes place the Kunsthalle München from 3 February to 9 July 2023. In addition, all the initiators are planning further exhibitions and events for the festival. Many potential partners have already been in touch with their ideas. There will also be projects that all Munich residents can get involved in, including collecting the 200,000 dried flowers needed by British artist Rebecca Louise Law for her installation in the Kunsthalle.

Collect, dry and deliver flowers now:

200,000 flowers for a major art installation

What’s so special about this Flower Power festival?
Truly everyone can join in. There are no limits to creativity. We want everyone to be involved in creating something for everyone. The only requirement: the programme must fit in with the festival’s topics. Science, sustainability, plant and biodiversity, gardening, climate change, aesthetics and quality of life are just some of the possible subjects for exhibitions, workshops, walks, plays, installations and more. Taking place indoors, outdoors and online.


To make sure that everyone can participate in the festival, inclusion has been a priority from the planning phase onwards. What does that mean in practice?
We see the festival as a chance to raise people’s awareness of the issue while also providing an opportunity for as many of them as possible to participate in the city’s cultural activities. To make sure we share as much knowledge and expertise as possible, we regularly invite inclusion experts to meetings with programme partners. Ideally, this will give rise to sustainable initiatives that will help shape our society in the long term.

“We’ll send Munich into a floral frenzy and create a thrilling programme for everyone. Gasteig HP8, Munich’s latest arts centre directly on the river Isar, will be the festival centre and platform, while of course providing some attractions of its own.”

Max Wagner, Gasteig Managing Director
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Artist Rebecca Louise Law talks about her flower ar