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Gasteig HP8 Celebrates its First Anniversary

It’s been a year since we opened the doors to Gasteig HP8. The first events at our new Sendling location started on 8 October 2021 in Hall E and the Isarphilharmonie. Since then, we’ve held and hosted more than 1000 events. In autumn 2022, the entire Gasteig family will finally have completed its move to HP8. In this photo-essay, we look back at the eventful first season.

Katrin Habenschaden and Max Wagner stand smiling in front of a cake setup.
Second Mayor and Gasteig Supervisory Board Chairwoman Katrin Habenschaden and Gasteig CEO Max Wagner at the 1st birthday of Gasteig HP8 Copyright: Robert Haas/Gasteig

The grand opening

The Isarphilharmonie was inaugurated with a gala concert by the Munich Philharmonic on 8 October – complete with red carpet and prominent guests. Speaking to a jam-packed auditorium, Munich’s mayor Dieter Reiter praised the successful kick-off: “A sensational project, not least because it was planned and built within such a short time. For me, Gasteig HP8 and the Isarphilharmonie are the perfect blueprint for cultural buildings of the future.”

The heads of the Gasteig institutes pose together in front of a photo wall.
The heads of the Gasteig institutes on the red carpet: Dr. Arne Ackermann (Munich City Library), Prof. Dr. Bernd Redmann (University of Music and Performing Arts Munich), Max Wagner (Gasteig München GmbH), Dr. Susanne May (Münchner Volkshochschule), Paul Müller (Munich Philharmonic), Dr. Martin Ecker (Münchner Volkshochschule), Florian Ganslmeier (Munich Chamber Orchestra). Copyright: Robert Haas / Gasteig
Dark concert hall, heads from behind, on the illuminated stage the orchestra musicians, the choir behind them elevated on the choir balcony
Isarphilharmonie opening concert with the Munich Philharmonic. Copyright: Tobias Hase
The old industrial hall is full of people. There are also people on the walkways of the upper floors looking down.
Full house in Halle E. Copyright: Robert Haas, Gasteig
The Lord Mayor of the City of Munich opens the Isar Philharmonic Orchestra
Mayor Dieter Reiter speaking at the grand opening of the Isarphilharmonie. Copyright: Robert Haas
Star pianist Daniil Trifonov at the first concert in the Isarphilharmonie
Pianist Daniil Trifonov was the star guest at the opening concert. Copyright: Robert Haas
View from the choir balcony to the bright stage from above, orchestra with percussion instruments, spotlights, dark auditorium full of people
The Munich Philharmonic conducted by Valery Gergiev. Copyright: Tobias Hase
Max Wagner and Katrin Habenschaden are happy about the opening of the Isar Philharmonic Orchestra
Max Wagner and Katrin Habenschaden are pleased about the successful opening Copyright: Robert Haas

“Everyone is delighted with the Isarphilharmonie: principal conductor, musicians, acousticians, culture journalists – only the audience remains. If they share this delight, I suspect that this interim location will stay with us for quite a while.”

Mayor Dieter Reiter at the opening of the Gasteig HP8

Long before the Gasteig moved in, we explored our future home on the site of Hans-Preißinger-Str. 8 (HP8), which belongs to energy utility Stadtwerke München. Even as our premises were still being built, Gasteig and HP8 grew together and became Gasteig HP8.

Inside a car workshop 5 string players and 2 percussionists are playing together. In the background you can see a vintage car and various equipment.
The MKO and the HP8-based Double Drums ensemble jamming in a car workshop on the premises. Copyright: Florian Ganslmeier
The dancer Alfonso Fernandez Sanchez is dancing in the shell of Hall E. He is in the midst of construction material, holding a yellow construction helmet in his left hand and bending to the right.
Many guided tours and small events took place on the construction site. Here, Alfonso Fernandez Sanchez dances in the unfinished Hall E. Copyright: Kathrin Metzner/Gasteig
The acoustics expert Toyota beaming with arms outstretched in the auditorium of the Isarphilharmonie, in the background musicians on stage at the acoustic text of the concert hall
“Look me in the face: I’m smiling, so I’m very happy.” said Yasuhisa Toyota during the acoustic tests in September 2021. The renowned acoustician is responsible for the outstanding sound in the Isarphilharmonie. Copyright: Tobias Hase
The illuminated Halle E at night. In front of the entrance people and bicycles.
At the beginning of October, the doors to Gasteig HP8 opened for the first time for a test run. Copyright: Benedikt Feiten, Gasteig
Many colorfully dressed people in the audience, all wearing mouth-nose protection
Around 1900 people were able to take their seats in the Isarphilharmonie for the first time. Copyright: Benedikt Feiten/Gasteig
People look around on the walkways of the upper floors.
The first curious visitors in Halle E. Copyright: Benedikt Feiten, Gasteig
A man with a microphone on the bright stage, in front of it you can recognize audience in the dark.
First up during the test run was comedian Maxi Schaffroth. Copyright: Benedikt Feiten, Gasteig

The opening “relay”

The first concert was followed by an entire opening week in which the Munich Philharmonic gave a taster of what was in store for the Gasteig HP8 audiences. The orchestra then passed the baton on to the Munich Public Library. They also opened their doors on 8 October and presented its new premises in Hall E again in November with a more comprehensive opening programme.

Musicians on a stage in the  industrial Hall E, in the center the musician FM Einheit on a workbench produces sounds with his fist.
The Munich Philharmonic inspires its audiences with unusual concert formats. In October 2021, artist FM Einheit gave a guest performance together with musicians from the Munich Philharmonic in Hall E. Copyright: Tobias Hase
In the hall photographed from above five male and female musicians on a red carpet, around them a crowd of people.
With “Einklang”, the Munich Philharmonic invited the audience to explore together with them the acoustics of the various spaces of the Gasteig HP8" Copyright: Tobias Hase
A young flutist at the ballustrade of Hall E, she plays, people watch next to her.
Students of the University of Music and Performing Arts Munich supported the Munich Philharmonic in “Einklang”. Copyright: Tobias Hase
The entrance to Hall E with a projection reading "HP8 Gasteig opening".
In November 2021, the library will celebrate its opening in Gasteig HP8. Copyright: Kathrin Metzner/Gasteig
A person takes a picture of a screen with the cell phone, on which "Barbara's Buch" is written.
“Barbaras Buch” – a live performance to mark the opening of the library, to which numerous artists contributed. Copyright: Kathrin Metzner/Gasteig
Bookshelves, pierced in the middle so that you can see through to the end of the room.
Shelving with a view: For the Public Library in HP8, a special room concept was developed. Copyright: Eva Jünger
A pinboard with various colorful post-its. One says Runs with us
Visitor feedback in the library Copyright: Eva Jünger

“In Hall E, you’ll find the Munich City Library in a new guise. Visitors will find many places to linger in its open galleries, there are study workplaces for both groups and individuals as well as comfy chairs for reading and relaxing. And we have 150 power outlets for laptops. Naturally, there’s also a huge range of library items to choose from.”

Birgit Wimmer, Head of Munich City Library at HP8

Next, the multifunctional Hall X in the Gasteig HP8 was inaugurated, as a club venue with DJ and environmental activist Dominik Eulberg. In December, Gasteig München GmbH took over the baton of the “opening relay” and, for the first time at HP8, celebrated “Christmas at the Gasteig”, albeit with a seat occupancy of only 50% due to the pandemic. At the beginning of 2022, the University of Music and Performing Arts and the Munich Chamber Orchestra made their HP8 debut with concerts in the Isarphilharmonie.

Outside Hall X, a long queue has formed.
Besides Hall E and the Isarphilharmonie, Hall X was also inaugurated in October. Copyright: Michael Amtmann/Gasteig
In the dark event space people dance in the light of green spotlights.
Premiere in Hall X: As a club venue with DJ and environmental activist Dominik Eulberg. Copyright: Michael Amtmann/Gasteig
7 students with their instruments sit on the steps of the staircase of the Isarphilharmonie and make music
The autumn semester of 2022 will see the students of the University of Music and Performing Arts taking up their studies in the Gasteig HP8. In January 2022, the University Symphony Orchestra played on the site for the first time. Copyright: Benedik Feiten/Gasteig
A solemnly illuminated stage, brass players on the left, next to a grand piano framed by a choir
Christmas at the Gasteig: Among many others, the Munich Bach Choir and director Hansjörg Albrecht put the audience in a festive mood. Copyright: Benedikt Feiten/Gasteig
In the dark auditorium, several musicians can be seen playing together on the bright stage.
The MKO invited guest artists for its two concerts. For one concert, they shared the stage with the Jazzrausch Bigband. Copyright: Florian Ganslmeier
The percussion duo Double Drums at the children's concert in the Isarphilharmonie
At the children’s concert, the MKO was supported by the Double Drums duo. Copyright: Florian Ganslmeier

The Gasteig is full of buzz and dance

The Gasteig’s popular festivals “Der Gasteig brummt” and “Der Gasteig tanzt” also moved up the Isar river to the Gasteig HP8, where they will remain a fixture in the annual calendar. Joining in the fray is the new “Alpenrausch” festival for new folk music.

Children dancing in a circle in the hall E
Workshop in the library: Movement is part and parcel of the music when the Gasteig buzzes at the “Der Gasteig brummt!” festival. Copyright: Benedikt Feiten / Gasteig
Children queue in front of the hall E
Even though “Der Gasteig brummt!” took place as a “mini” edition due to Corona restrictions, hundreds of children took the new premises by storm for the festival’s workshops and events. Copyright: Benedikt Feiten / Gasteig
Children sit in projector in front of four musicians
In workshops, pupils were able to experience musicians from the Munich Philharmonic up close. Copyright: Benedikt Feiten / Gasteig
Hall E, looking at the front with stage and up to the glass roof, which is spectacularly lit with large patterns in purple and green.
Every year at Easter, the Gasteig trainees organise the Isarflux Festival, in 2022 for the first time in Halls E and X. Copyright: Andreas Gebert/Gasteig
Young people as audience at a concert, a man in a wheelchair in the front row
Full house! Audience at the Isarflux Festival in Hall X. Copyright: Andreas Gebert/Gasteig
A wall on which the lettering Hall X The long night of music is projected, young people pose in front of it for the photo
Finally, “Long Night of Music” again! The event attracted numerous Munich residents to the new premises in May, some for the first time. Copyright: Andreas Gebert/Gasteig
View of a large crowd in Hall E
Hall E – a first-rate club venue. Copyright: Andreas Gebert/Gasteig
A place outdoors, people wearing headphones and dancing
At “Tanz den Gasteig” in June, the entire grounds turned into a dance floor: from Silent Disco on the forecourt ... Copyright: Kathrin Metzner/Gasteig
Dancing people on the stage of the Isarphilharmonie. A man with hat dances swing in the foreground
... via swing dance on the stage of the Isarphilharmonie ... Copyright: Robert Haas/Gasteig
Interior of a hall, children and a teacher dancing, people watching
... and dance workshops in Hall E ... Copyright: Benedikt Feiten / Gasteig
Two young women dance with a lot of fun in the rehearsal hall of the Gasteig HP8
... to voguing and waacking in the rehearsal hall. Copyright: Robert Haas/Gasteig
A square with a view of the cogeneration plant, in the foreground 4 people are sitting in deck chairs, behind them you can see a climbing wall and groups of people
Take a seat for the Alpenrausch Festival 2022. From the climbing tower to the concert, there was a lot on offer at the Gasteig HP8 in July. Copyright: Andreas Gebert/ Gasteig
Alphorn players make music in Gastein HP8
Alpenrausch: alphorns in front of the combined heat and power station. Copyright: Robert Haas
Four dancers dance vertically on the facade of house K
BANDALOOP impressed with its vertical dance performance on the facades of Building K. Copyright: Robert Haas

It’s all about taking part

Under the motto “Culture for Munich”, the Gasteig HP8 offers a host of participative events, many of which are free of charge. We invite anyone with an idea for an event to get in touch with us – the Gasteig is a place for everyone.

Colorfully lit dance floor with many couples in salsa swing. In the center a man in a hat spinning his partner, her braids flying
Participants in a free dance workshop learn the basic steps before dancing the night away. Copyright: Benedikt Feiten/Gasteig
Several people playing instruments, in the foreground a little boy and an adult together on the drums.
At the Munich Philharmonic’s Symphonic Mob, young and old, amateur and professional alike perform together. Copyright: Tobias Hase
View of the square in front of Hall E and Room X, two women are walking up the ramp. You can see the posters with portraits everywhere on the walls.
Portraits on the facade of the Gasteig HP8 at the Inside Out art initiative by artist JR in collaboration with Kunsthalle München. Copyright: Kathrin Metzner/Gasteig
With their own portrait on a poster, visitors became part of the art installation. Copyright: Benedikt Feiten/Gasteig
On the illuminated stage of the concert hall a group of women is doing yoga.
For a few days in September, the Isarphilharmonie became the venue for special performances. Copyright: Benedikt Feiten/Gasteig
A lady stands in the spotlight with a bouquet of roses and has a photo taken of herself.
For one hour, the stage was yours: from music to comedy to yoga – the possibilities were almost endless. Copyright: Benedikt Feiten/Gasteig
Many people singing together in the hall E
The Go Sing Choir has found a new home in the Gasteig HP8. Copyright: Robert Haas

Diversity is key

The Gasteig HP8 offers plenty of space for cultural experiences 365 days a year. Whether classical music highlights or experimental projects, film festivals or dance performances – numerous organisers use the arts centre for both large- and small-scale events.

Many international stars, like Jamie Cullum, have performed for their fans in the Isarphilharmonie.
Interior of concert hall from above, illuminated in red, spotlights from stage, crowded auditorium
The Isarphilharmonie is not just about classical music. Copyright: Sebastian Reiter
View from the stage, the musicians stand in a row and bow to the audience
The Jazzrausch Bigband regards the Isarphilharmonie as its home. Copyright: Sebastian Reiter
In 2022, Hall E rolled out the red carpet for the Munich Film Festival. Copyright: Filmfest München / Dominik Bindl
Isarphilharmonie as cinema at the film festival opening
The Isarphilharmonie turned into Munich’s largest cinema. Copyright: Munich Film Festival/Ronny Heine
Festively dressed people stand in bunches in front of Hall E at night, drinking and chatting.
Many parties and receptions take place here. Copyright: Munich Film Festival/Kurt Krieger
Blechbläser*innen aus Uganda und Deutschland musizieren zusammen auf der Bühne im Saal X. Auf der Leinwand im Hintergrund sieht man Bilder vom Livestream nach BidiBidi.
International exchange: Brass for Africa thrilled concertgoers in Hall X. Copyright: Geoffroy Schied/Music Connects
Auditorium of the Isarphilharmonie, the hall is boiling. On stage Iggy Pop in action. Red and green spotlights
Iggy Pop rocked the Isarphilharmonie. Copyright: Kathrin Metzner/Gasteig
Anne Sophie Mutter gave a benefit concert for Ukraine. Copyright: Tobias Hase
Dark hall, audience looks at the stage, there is a screen and next to it three musicians
The Flimmern & Rauschen Festival 2022 took over Hall X for several days with film screenings and music. Copyright: Flimmern & Rauschen
A dancer lies on the floor of the staircase of Hall E
The ballet ensemble of the Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz gave dance performances in unusual places. Copyright: Marie Laure Brianne
On the stage crowded with musicians, a singing lady is in the spotlight
The Filmfoniker were guests at the Isarphilharmonie. Copyright: Filmfoniker
Selfie with the star at the Balkan Days. Copyright: Andreas Gebert/Gasteig
Patricia Kopatchinskaja and Sol Gabetta with flowers on stage of the Isarphilharmonie
Patricia Kopatchinskaja and Sol Gabetta were just two of the big names on the classical music scene who were guests in 2021/22. Copyright: Benedikt Feiten/Gasteig
In front of the brick facade of Halle E, the Schäffler dance in red traditional costume.
The Schäffler danced on the grounds of HP8 in May. Copyright: Benedikt Feiten/Gasteig