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Backstage: Arthur Jussen

In our questionnaire, Arthur Jussen reveals personal details that you may not have known about him and his brother. He assures us that he can also speak for his older brother Lucas, who, he says, would have said the same. [swap] The Dutch piano duo plays on international concert stages and performs regularly at the Isarphilharmonie.

A portrait of the pianists Arthur and Lucas Jussen
Copyright: Marco Borggreve

Do you have a lucky charm?

We don’t. There’s a funny story about that: After one of our very first concerts, we were given two small glass frogs as lucky charms. Our mum took them off us straight away, saying that we didn’t need any lucky charms. She wanted us to be entirely self-reliant. Perhaps that was a bit harsh, but it was a valuable lesson.


Are you rather nervous or more of a show-off on stage?

We are always 120 percent prepared, so we are never nervous. Before each concert, we like to remind ourselves that we play the piano because that’s what we love to do. Many musicians forget that! After all, it’s all about having fun and not just being nervous about getting it right.


Major or minor?

Major in life and minor in our music. We try to remain optimistic in life, to laugh, to have fun. But in music, a melody in a minor key can be so very beautiful.


If you were feeling peckish, what would you choose from the backstage snack machine in the Isarphilharmonie?

We both prefer savoury to sweet. Perhaps nuts or crisps.


What’s the first thing you do after a performance?

Get out of our concert clothes, freshen up and then drink a delicious German lager, preferably with family and friends.

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