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Works by Sabine Wastl on the exhibition wall in Hall E

An abstract picture in blue and white tones.
Copyright: Sab

HP8 studio artists show their work

In April and May 2024, the two paintings Abyss and Crete will be exhibited on the exhibition wall in Hall E.


Inspired by her travels, Sabine Wastl abstracts nature into landscapes on canvas in her studio. Pigment, sand and other materials she collects on her journeys add to the reproduction of her sensual impressions of the inexhaustible variety of colours, structures, atmospheric perspectives and visual clarity of nature. Each picture represents a unique perception of what is special about this world.


For Sabine Wastl, the process of painting begins spontaneously, on the floor, without template. Initially, there is only colour, no motif. The pictures have no frame, as the landscapes that emerge, growing with each layer of colour, extend beyond the confines of the canvas. Take an imaginary trip with the artist and immerse yourself in nature’s plethora of colour.


Sabine Wastl has been working as a freelance artist for 20 years. She lives and works in Munich. Her studio has been located on the HP8 site in Sendling since 2016.


You can contact the artist or book a studio visit at or by directly messaging her on Instagram at @s.a.b.i.n.e.w

“For me, horizons are there to be expanded, and changes of perspective have always been a part of my life. Taking photographs helps me to focus on this inexhaustible wealth of nature and to perceive its detail.”

Portrait of Sabine Wastl in front of one of her paintings.
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