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The Christmas Wishing Tree in Hall E

There is a decorated Christmas tree in Hall E. Wishes from people in need are written on stars, which can be picked and fulfilled.
Copyright: Maria Zimmerer/Gasteig

Bringing joy to Munich residents in need

On Sunday 19 November, the Munich City Library and Malteser are launching their 4th Wishing Tree campaign. There will be wishing trees in the city library in HP8 and other libraries. Sponsored by Christbaumhof Rauchenberg, the trees will be adorned with stars containing wishes with a value of up to around 20 euros.


Visitors can take a star, buy the requested gift and bring it to the city library, if possible accompanied by a Christmas card with a few personal words. Malteser Hilfsdienst will then distribute the gifts after the end of the campaign on 12 December.


This is a perfect opportunity to bring light into the lives of more than 2400 needy children, women and men throughout Munich by fulfilling their modest Christmas wishes. The wishes are received from retirement homes, the Münchner Tafel food bank, which provides for many children and seniors living in poverty, as well as homeless centres, children’s facilities and women’s shelters in Munich.