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The University of Music and Performing Arts MunichA place of study of international renown

Cultural education at the Gasteig

The University of Music and Performing Arts Munich (HMTM) is one of Europe’s most renowned and diverse centres of professional music, dance and theatre education. The courses are held at five different locations in Munich and cover around 100 fields of study, ranging from orchestral and keyboard instruments through jazz, historical performance practice, folk and church music to music journalism and cultural management. In 2008, the HMTM took over the teaching, administration and practice rooms at the Gasteig.


The University of Music and Performing Arts Munich (HMTM) will have a new President from October 2022 onwards, when Professor Lydia Grün takes up her post. The cultural manager, publicist and musicologist is the first female President of the HMTM in its 175-year history.


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The HMTM at the Gasteig HP8

The HMTM has its own rooms and concert halls in the Gasteig HP8, which is a key location for its operations. Music students from all over the world can benefit from its vibrant, stimulating atmosphere during their studies. Besides jazz, historical performance practice and folk music, available fields of study include instrumental and vocal pedagogy, cultural and media management and music journalism as well as instruments including drums, trumpet, harp and piano.

“The Gasteig HP8 is an inspiring new arts venue for Munich and for our students. We believe that there will be plenty for our university to discover in Sendling in the coming years.”

Prof. Bernd Redmann, President of the HMTM
University of Music and Performing Arts Munich (HMTM)
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Phone +49 89 289-03



The HMTM will be located at the Gasteig HP8 site as of Octobre 1, 2022.



HMTM concerts at the Gasteig HP8

An important part of young artists’ education and training at the HMTM is the opportunity of performing in front of a live audience. The students’ concerts at the Gasteig HP8 each semester are a valuable addition to the programme of music at our arts centre and are usually with free admission.

Gasteig HP8: High on music