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Announcement in the Gasteig media

A metal stand in which various brochures can be seen. In the top row the programme booklets of the Gasteig
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Important information

To allow us to announce your event to the public, there are a few things we need from you.

  1. You must first sign the rental agreement and return it to us.
  2. By sending us texts and images, you consent to their publication
  3. and verify that you own the usage rights to the material. You must make sure that publication is free of charge for us and that all personal rights have been clarified.
  4. The name and location of the organiser – our contract partner as given in the rental agreement – is stated with each publication. We cannot make any exception to this.

Website and print magazine

To ensure that your contributions are published as quickly as possible, pleas use our media entry form, sending it to us no later than the editorial deadline. Send us images and further material by e-mail.

Editorial deadlines for the programme magazine

Due to the production times for our large magazine, announcements must be submitted two and a half months before the publication date. Please note the following deadlines:

  • For events in January: 25 October
  • For events in February: 25 November
  • For events in March: 25 December
  • For events in April: 25 January
  • For events in May: 25 February
  • For events in June: 25 March
  • For events in July and August: 25 April
  • For events in September: 25 June
  • For events in October: 25 July
  • For events in November: 25 August
  • For events in December: 25 September

Unfortunately, we cannot publish information free of charge in our programme magazine if we receive it after the editorial deadline. For information received after the deadline, we must charge according to the price list of Gasteig München GmbH. You will receive this with the contract documents.


If there are any changes, e.g. to the programme or performers, please let us know at the earliest possible opportunity. After the deadline for the respective issue, any changes in the programme magazine are also subject to a charge.

How to contact us