Amy Jean Hamilton: »You are an endless source of inspiration – a lecture on leadership and life learning«

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Einzelvortrag aus der tgm-Vortragsreihe »Type is changing faces, Tyme is on my side«
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It is a scientific fact that the smallest unit is a relation. This is important, because we must remember that everything is connected – nothing exists independently of anything else. Looking through this lens the lecture will open up and explore what it means to be connected. How and what we can gain through the power of building relations both to others, but even more to ourselves and our lives when designing for the future.
Amy is head of school at Designhøjskolen Højer (DesignHøjer), a Danish folk high school. While the school has three specialisations – visual design, sustainable fashion and game design – its educational ambition is derived from Amy’s insights into life learning, creation, entrepreneurship and leadership.

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