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Queen Lizzy from Munich, model, poetry slammer, influencer and activist, performing at the new Kulturinsel.
Copyright: Rico Guettich

Information about the festival

Dance, music, yoga, graffiti, chess – starting in June, you’ll find plenty of culture on the Kulturinsel at the Gasteig HP8. Free and open for all.

Summer vibe on the island

Conceived last year, the Kulturinsel – the “Island of Culture” on the Am Kulturkraftwerk plaza features movable raised planting beds, a community bookcase and wooden benches that function as seating or can be arranged to form a stage. The creative space also sports an outdoor chess board.

“The idea is to turn the Am Kulturkraftwerk plaza into a place for playing, meeting people or simply chilling. This summer, there will also be free concerts, creative hands-on activities and physical activity sessions for everyone, for a true island summer vibe.”

Gasteig Managing Director Stephanie Jenke