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Microphone stand on empty stage in spotlight

Frameworks Festival 2023


Is it pop or experimental? Taking place every year since 2011, the Frameworks Festival aims to provide a platform for musical exploration at the interface between structure and abstract composition. Artists of various subcultures from all regions of the world find a space here for pursuing unconventional and innovative ways of creating independent music. In recent years, a vibrant young scene has developed in this field, supported, especially in Europe, by indie labels and artists’ networks.


The parameters of pop, alternative and classical music are deconstructed, distorted or contrasted with sound experiments that make use of and reflect current developments in electronic music. In the performance, music is subjected to an experimental test set-up in which structures are electronically modified or reassembled in real time. Taking place on 10 and 11 February 2022, the festival brings together a host of artists from international subcultures with the aim of deepening the focus on experimental electronic music.



  • toechter (Berlin, D)
  • Colin Self (USA)
  • Inou Ki Endo (Wien, AUT)
  • Ralph Heidel (Berlin, D)
  • Hatis Noit (Hokkaido, JPN)
  • Divide & Dissolve (Melbourne, AUS)

Audio introduction by Mira Mann & WalterP99 Arkestra


In cooperation with the Department of Arts and Culture of the City of Munich